What is a False Ceiling?

What is a False Ceiling?

As the name itself suggests, a false ceiling refers to mock roofing which aims for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of an architectural structure. A designer false ceiling is a secondary ceiling constructed at some distance from the main ceiling. Mainly it’s used for concealing wires, unattractive pipelines, energy efficiency, fire safety, resistance. The false ceiling also makes the room quieter as it resists outer sound. At present, we can have large varieties of designer and modern false ceilings with different colours. In this blog, you will get to know about the different types of false ceilings available, Why should you get a false ceiling for your home or office, etc..,

Types of false ceiling for your office and home

There are many types of false ceilings; each false ceiling is often classified based on the sort of materials used. Each material offers unique advantages and disadvantages. A combination of materials offers both functional and aesthetic features. but we are going to cover about six types of false ceilings for your home and office.

  • False ceiling (POP)

  • Gypsum false ceiling

  • Wood false ceiling

  • Fibre false ceiling

  • PVC ceiling

  • Glass ceiling

Plaster of Paris false ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP false ceiling) is one of the most popular materials used in a variety of commercial interior projects as well as residential interior roofing applications. POP is basically gypsum sans its water content (created by heating gypsum to a temperature when water evaporates) available in powdered form. Plaster of Paris pops a false ceiling as it can be easily moulded to any shape and design.

Gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling may be a sulphate of calcium available as an evaporite mineral. This gypsum false ceiling is a popular material for false ceilings because of its thermal and sound insulation, lightweight, and fire resistance properties. It is also a soft material. Square gypsum boards are often hung from an iron framework to create a false ceiling.

Wood false ceiling

Wooden false ceilings have excellent natural patterns and textures which will please the attention. A wooden false ceiling can come in the form of hollow blocks, boards, or panels. These are easy to install often with just screws and nails. These wooden false ceilings are most suitable for cold climates. They are durable but are susceptible to termite attacks and warping. They can be finished in several ways including painting with appropriate reminder colours.

Fibre false ceilings

these Fiber false ceilings are gaining popularity in commercial interior projects because these false ceilings are available at low costs, are often installed easily, and offer many functional benefits. However, fibre ceilings are not suitable for residential spaces because they lack aesthetic appeal.

PVC false ceiling

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a perfect plastic material for false ceilings in garages, basements, kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. PVC ceiling panels are a highly cost-effective alternative to other costlier panels. These panels are easy to put in and maintain. They are lightweight and immune to moisture and termites. They do not suffer from UV light and hence are colourfast.

Glass ceiling

Being a non-crystalline but transparent material, glass is a good material to work with for improving the aesthetics of a false ceiling.

Why should you get a false ceiling for your home or office?

Now here we will emphasise why you should get a false ceiling for home or office. Generally in most of the apartments, the builders might have provided just one or two points of light in the ceiling but for us, Interior companies have to give additional ambience for the living room or for the dining room with the limited light points is very difficult, so what we do is generally to conceal all the wires, we come up with some concept as false ceiling wherein all the wires will hide inside the gypsum board.

They can be decorative while being air regulators. They are functional as well as pretty at the same time. Lights can be inserted, providing a smooth, organised surface, rather than hanging tube lights and bulbs. It looks sober and sophisticated and enhances the beauty of a home or office. A big advantage of installing a modern false ceiling is that instead of putting one or more tube lights in your room, you can use high-quality LED lights that consume less electricity and last for many years.

The main reason Why should you get a false ceiling for your home or office?

False ceilings can also be used for thermal insulation. The air-filled gap between the two layers of ceiling keeps the room cool and lowers the temperature of the room. False ceiling is suspended few inches below the main ceiling on a metal framework which can be made up of any light-weighted construction material like wood, glass, fibre, fabric, PVC, POP (Murga Jali), gypsum board, it totally depends on the budget and requirement of the client.

As there is air between two layers of the ceiling, it acts as a bad conductor of heat and does not allow the heat to flow in the room and this, in turn, reduces electricity bills.

False ceiling helps in better optimization of air conditioning performance. As Vishwajeet Jhavar explains, suppose if your office or home wall is 10’x10′  feet big and your false ceiling is one foot below the main ceiling, it will cut down at least 10*10*10 cubic space, saving on your electricity bill.

What are the challenges faced while installing a false ceiling for your home and office

If we look at all of the above points then its crystal clear that a false ceiling is very important because of the above-explained points, but there are few challenges to overcome while installing a false ceiling for your home and office:

  • supposing that if the shape of the building is irregular beam bottom, then it may not be conducive for a false ceiling.
  • If there is a problem of leakage in a building then it may affect a false ceiling.
  • False ceiling takes a lot of time to dry so it may lead to delays in the project.
  • Installation of false ceilings requires expertise and precision.

False Ceiling Design for bedroom

A false ceiling design for a bedroom is a good addition to any bedroom and helps with the acoustics of the bedroom. It serves as an array for the room. Choosing interesting patterns such as squares, diamonds, circular shapes, hexagons, and stars gives your room a modern and contemporary touch. These patterns can be repeated across the ceiling or a large single cut out can be put in for adding dramatic effect.

False ceiling design for Living room

Ceilings are no longer only just a roof over your head. We all have found a false ceiling for the living room that’s pretty to look at from every angle. We have brought such innovative modern contemporary false ceiling designs ideas that will completely transform the look of your living room. Firstly we understand the proportion then tailor the design accordingly. Generally, rectangular shapes are popular but many experiments with circular and semicircular shapes add to the living room’s beauty. Nowadays textured and wooden false ceilings in the living room are too trendy and classy both at the same time.

False ceiling design for Kitchen

A false ceiling design for the kitchen is the least designed space in the home. The focus is more on drawers, storage, and cabinets. But if we pay attention then many home makeovers are needed too in the modern kitchen. Designing a kitchen’s false ceiling is a little different when compared with the rest parts of the home. The kitchen has a basic function is cooking. False ceiling surprisingly levels off temperature and does away with the need for chimneys. The air-filled gap between layers of both ceilings cools down the temperature, traps moisture and heat, and displace it around.

False ceiling design for kid’s room

The rooms of children need to be made with a vision often inspired by characters and movies. False ceiling design for kids rooms, takes the right balance of imagination from a child’s perspective and an adult’s practicality.  Interior companies provide designer false ceilings that help in bringing out the true character of a room by achieving brilliant colourful lighting fixtures with an engaging and playful aura so that the children can relate it to fairy tales or different heroic characters of movies or animation. We include these characters because it affects the mindset of children too.

Mandir pooja room false ceiling design

False Ceiling designs are often overlooked while constructing a home. And when it comes to mandir pooja rooms, we often turn our focus on the status of gods, deities’ pictures, lamps, and decor. But did you know that a mandir pooja room’s false ceiling design can make a mammoth difference to your divine space? It emits an aura that will make your mandir pooja room’s false ceiling design look more spiritual. So, make your mandir look heavenly with this type of false ceiling for pooja room ceiling design ideas.

False ceiling design for Bathroom

No household is complete without a constructed bathroom. A bathroom is a place where you can relax in a hot bath after a long, hard day. and also where you can prepare yourself for the entire day in the mirror while brushing your teeth. So, it is only natural that you would want your bathroom decor to look refined and beautiful. A modern bathroom POP design can help in sprucing up your washroom. If you are looking for the POP False Ceiling design ideas for your bathroom or home.

Which type of false ceiling is best for home and office

False ceilings have become an integral part of home construction and add beauty to the home, however, a false ceiling can be durable only when a good quality material is chosen. Gypsum board Plaster of Paris and PVC are the most commonly used materials for creating false ceilings. The base material of both gypsum and POP are the same, that is gypsum but they are different from each other.

Here we list the pros and cons of these two false ceiling materials so that a guided choice can be made.

Gypsum Board: As the name itself suggests, these are made up of gypsum, it is hydrated calcium sulphate and has the quality of withstanding for a long time.

Gypsum boards that come in the prefabricated form are manufactured in a factory and afterwards assembled on the site using a metal frame. These are usually used in the area which requires a centrally air-conditioned system.


  • Gypsum boards are very clean and easy to install.
  • These boards provide a seamless look to the interior space without any joints.
  • Since these boards are factory-manufactured products with machinery, the consistency of the product’s finish and quality is maintained.


  • However, these boards are easy to install but it can be a cumbersome process to uninstall these gypsum boards. Repairing these means that the complete ceiling will have to be broken down.
  • With the passage of time as bricks soak the moisture from leaking roofs or pipes of air conditioner this could result in fungal growth on the false ceiling, which in turn will result in reshaping of gypsum board.

Plaster of Paris: It is made up of gypsum and the POP ceiling can be designed as per the wish of the client. It is available in powdered form, and its paste is prepared by mixing gypsum powder and water.


  • POP is highly sustainable and durable, for years without any wear and tear.
  • Unlike gypsum boards, it can also be a module in various different designs and is easy and flexible to apply at corners.
  • POP is 25-40% cheaper than gypsum boards.


  • Until and unless skilled labour is working on POP design, finesse cannot be achieved.
  • In the case of POP, there is a lot of wastage of the mixture. It can make the site messy.
  • The POP has to be perfectly dried for it to be installed.

PVC: PVC panels are used for false ceilings in both residential and commercial buildings. PVC panels have a hollow core and shiny surface. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is factory manufactured plastic material. It varies in shape, design, colour, length.


  • It is highly durable and lasts for years without wear and tear.
  • It is cheaper than POP.
  • PVC false ceiling panel installation is a very easy process.
  • It offers easy maintenance and it’s very clean.
  • It’s light-weighted and waterproof.



  • Less resistance to fire and heat.
  • It gives a plastic-like feel, which may not be some client’s preference
  • Joints between panels are visible.
  • It releases chlorine gas which can be toxic.

We already have discussed gypsum boards, POP, and PVC, but now the question is which one is better, so now we will emphasise a short comparison of these three.

POP V/S Gypsum boards: Though POP is cheaper than gypsum boards still in many urban areas many clients prefer gypsum because its installation is time-saving and pairs well with glass and plywood materials.

Obviously, gypsum is costly and weighs in terms of installation process and cleanliness, but it gives seamless finishing and aesthetic feel to the interior space.

POP V/S PVC: PVC panels are better than POP because they are easy to install and lightweight and also cheaper at the same time. They are more durable and are resistant to dampness. Easy to design.

From the above discussion, we can see the difference and get to know which type of false ceiling is better but it depends on some factors which decide what kind of false ceiling is best for your home and office. Those factors are as follows:-

  • If you want quality material on a budget then you can go for a gypsum false ceiling.
  • supposing that If you don’t want any wear or tear and cheaper cost then you can go for POP or PVC.
  • If you want more heat resistance, then PVC is not suitable, POP or gypsum are the better choices.
  • If you want less maintenance and seamlessness then go for POP.
  • Or If you want lightweight and durability plus cheaper then go for PVC.

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