An Apartment Society and its Safety Measures

An Apartment Society and its Safety Measures

Buying a home is such a joyous occasion but it also brings with it the uncertainties that surround moving into a new place. Apartments in Bangalore are the most sought-after option by new home buyers. There are existing safety features and there are more that you can add on which we will highlight in this article.

Safety within Apartment premises:

Luxury apartments in Bangalore come with a host of inbuilt safety features. It is one of the main reasons that homebuyers choose these residential communities. The premises are monitored 24×7 by Security personnel appointed by the Resident’s association or by the developer in the case of new apartments. There is also a carefully laid out CCTV network that covers every inch of the grounds ensuring that all common areas are under scrutiny for unusual activity.

There are clear signages that delineate the different areas. The common areas are always well lit to improve safety and accessibility. Speed limits within the complex ensure that no one gets involved in serious accidents. The developer also provides fire safety measures like water and sand pails, fire extinguishers on every floor, and dedicated fire extinguisher hoses. Additionally, there might be automated fire fighting equipment like smoke detectors and spray nozzles.

Entry into the residential complex is restricted to the residents and others are accounted for by noting their entry and exit time and reason. Guests are required to enter the details of the resident they visit.

When it comes to children, always accompany them in the common areas. There are several amenities like a gym, swimming pool, etc. that children enjoy but it requires strict adult supervision for their safety. They should always be accompanied by adults when accessing the elevators and the terrace.

Securing the home:

The next part of safety measures in apartment societies is securing the home from within. Although the chances are quite slim, it is still wise to armour up the home for your family’s sake.


Make sure that all locks on the doors are functioning properly. If you bought a previously owned home, change the locks on all the doors. This is because there might be keys with previous owners and tenants and you don’t want to run the risk of anyone entering your home. If you feel the lock provided by the developer is inadequate get it changed then too.

Make sure the door comes with a peephole. Always check through the peephole to verify the identity of the person who knocks at your door or rings the calling bell. Apartments in Bangalore usually come with a grill gate in addition to the main door, but if they don’t, you can ask the developer to add one. This presents an additional layer of security.

Install an alarm system. This can include restricted access using voice, video, or PIN. This alarm system can be connected to your phone so you know if anyone tries to access the flat in your absence. This considerably brings down the possibility of break-ins as the alarm starts ringing if the system does not recognise the person or they enter the wrong PIN. You can also set it to alert the local police.


The windows can also be secured the same way as the doors. All windows must be covered with fixed grills that prevent anyone from accessing the house through the window openings. Keep the windows locked when you go out of the home. Always secure them with the locking pins provided.


Make sure that all rooms are well lit when you are home. When you go out, leave the lights on in the rooms facing out to create the impression of people being at home. This deters potential intruders from breaking in.

Check all the wiring and electrical equipment regularly. This prevents a lot of electrical fire-related accidents. If you are going to be away for a while, connect your lights and other fixtures to timers so they are switched on and off periodically. This also ensures that people don’t figure out that the house is unoccupied.

Keep compact fire extinguishers at home to use in case of emergency for any kitchen or electrical fires that may occur. If you have toddlers at home, you need to invest in some basic childproofing equipment.

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