Ma Sarada Constructions

Our Story

Ma Sarada Constructions, a dynamic and fast-growing real estate development firm, began its operations in 2006. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, we have successfully developed 8,75,000 Sq. Ft. of residential and hospitality spaces across India, spanning Karnataka, West Bengal, and Odisha.

Over time, our firm has successfully developed and delivered over 525,000 Sq. Ft. of exceptional residential assets. Additionally, we are currently in the process of developing an impressive 700,000 Sq. Ft. of residential space. Our portfolio includes exceptional and affordable living spaces in prime locations such as Bangalore and West Bengal. Whether it’s Maa Tara Rathnam or Casa* Estrella in Bangalore, or Swarna Sagar, Satyam Shivam, and more in West Bengal, we aim to provide well-designed homes that offer a superior living experience without compromising on quality.

In 2017, we expanded our portfolio by venturing into the hospitality segment with the launch of Mohor Kutir Resorts. Nestled on a vast 350,000 Sq. Ft. area in Santiniketan, West Bengal, our resort pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Visva-Bharati University, founded by the legendary Gurudeb Rabindranath Thakur. As a 3-star property, Mohor Kutir Resorts provides a luxurious and serene retreat for guests seeking a unique and immersive experience in this culturally significant region.

Why Choose Us?

At Ma Sarada, we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional real estate and hospitality projects that enhance people’s lives. With a relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in the industry. We understand the importance of a home as a place of belonging. That’s why we are dedicated to creating living spaces that not only meet the affordability criteria but also provide a haven where individuals and families can create lasting memories and build their dreams.

By choosing strategic locations, we offer our residents the convenience of easy access to essential amenities, transportation networks, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options. Our residential projects are designed to foster a sense of community, providing residents with a safe and vibrant environment to thrive in. At Ma Sarada, our values serve as guiding beacons, illuminating our path towards excellence. Join us on this remarkable journey where superior craftsmanship, sustainability, and a sense of community converge to create living spaces that inspire and uplift.

Quality Construction: Where Perfection Meets Craftsmanship
We believe that quality is the cornerstone of every great endeavour. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring exceptional construction. Our commitment to quality begins with the use of superior materials, handpicked to withstand the test of time. Combined with meticulous craftsmanship, we create living spaces that exude elegance, durability, and comfort. With a keen eye for detail and uncompromising standards, our quality supervision team ensures that every aspect of construction meets or exceeds industry benchmarks, bringing your vision to life with precision.
Timely Handover and Registration: Your Dream Home, Right on Time
We value your time and understand the significance of timely project completion. With our dedicated team of professionals and streamlined project management processes, we take pride in handing over your dream home on schedule. Our commitment to timely delivery sets us apart, so that you can plan your future with confidence.
Building Green Community: Nurturing a Sustainable Haven
As responsible stewards of the environment, we embrace the concept of green community living. We believe that a harmonious coexistence with nature is not only essential for our well-being but also for future generations. Through innovative design principles and sustainable practices, we strive to create living spaces that minimise environmental impact while maximising comfort and convenience. Landscape and greenery play a vital role in enhancing the overall ambiance and well-being of our residential projects. We prioritise the integration of lush green spaces, meticulously designed gardens, and carefully selected flora to create a serene and refreshing environment for our residents. The presence of vibrant landscapes not only adds aesthetic appeal but also promotes a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature. Moreover, we take pride in developing gated communities that provide a secure and private living experience. Our focus on gated communities ensures the safety and privacy of our residents while fostering a close-knit and friendly neighbourhood atmosphere. Within these gated communities, we strategically incorporate green spaces, parks, and walking trails to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to green community living encompasses energy-efficient designs, the incorporation of renewable energy sources, waste management systems, and the preservation of green spaces. By nurturing sustainable communities, we aim to create a healthier, greener, and more vibrant world for all.
Skilled Manpower: The Artistry of Expert Craftsmen
Behind every masterpiece lie the skill and dedication of expert craftsmen. At Ma Sarada, we recognise the pivotal role skilled manpower plays in shaping our projects. We take pride in our team of highly experienced professionals who bring their expertise, passion, and artistry to every endeavour. From architects and engineers to masons and carpenters, each member of our team is carefully selected and equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver impeccable results. With their deft hands and unwavering commitment, they transform raw materials into living spaces that transcend expectations.
Stress Free Loans and Documentation
At Ma Sarada Group, we understand that the process of obtaining a loan and managing documentation can be a source of stress for homebuyers. That's why we strive to make the loan and documentation procedures as seamless and stress-free as possible. We have established strong partnerships with leading financial institutions to offer our customers convenient and competitive loan options. Our dedicated team of experts provides guidance and support throughout the loan application process, ensuring that our customers have a hassle-free experience. We also place great emphasis on transparent and efficient documentation, streamlining the paperwork and ensuring clear communication at every step.
Our Values: Crafting Excellence, Green Living, and Lasting Quality
At Ma Sarada, our core values form the bedrock of our success. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that every project we undertake reflects our commitment to quality construction, green community living, and fostering a sustainable future. At Ma Sarada Group, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional quality in every project we undertake. Our stringent quality measurement processes ensure that our residential and hospitality spaces not only meet but exceed industry standards. From the selection of high-grade materials to meticulous craftsmanship, we leave no stone unturned in creating living spaces that offer both durability and comfort.