Advantages of a Smart Home

Advantages of a Smart Home

The smartphones we carry around in our pockets are powerful tools that make life easier, and every advancement in technology enhances their impressive capabilities. The next big step forward for this type of “smart” technology is into our homes. Utilizing integrated technological systems in your home is one of the most significant new trends in digital innovation. Right now is the best time to start reaping the benefits of these capabilities.

Transitioning to a smarter home can improve your control over every aspect of how your house operates, and increase the safety and accessibility of it as well. Additionally, you can reap the benefits of a more efficient home, leading to savings in your energy and upkeep costs!

Smart Home Systems are becoming more and more common, with a huge number of devices becoming “Smart Home Enabled”. A huge number of manufacturers are making enabled devices, our systems take this approach to another level. What are the benefits for the homeowner?

1 – Convenience – Smart Home systems can automate functions around the home, automatically turning on lights when dusk falls or providing precise control of your home heating – even remotely via a mobile phone or tablet. They can ensure your home is always as you like it from the correct temperature to the correct lighting levels.

2 – Save Energy – Heating control systems save huge amounts of energy. Only heating your home when you are present can have a huge impact on energy bills especially when rooms are only heated as you need them – after all most people only spend limited amounts of time in bedrooms so why heat them in the day?

3 – Show your home off at its best – Lighting is crucial in the home – badly lit spaces will never look good. A lighting control system instantly recalls preset lighting scenes allowing homeowners to configure their lighting perfectly every time. Digital dimmers save energy by dimming lamps and intelligent switching means lighting is only on when required.

4 – Increase security – Burglars target empty houses, they don’t like attention. Lighting controls can replay your usual pattern of activity to simulate occupancy – taking the “light on a timer” approach to new levels!

5 – Increase Safety – Smart smoke detectors know the difference between burning toast and a burning sofa and can give you an appropriate warning. Linking them together around the home allows intelligent alerts rather than the traditional siren – “Fire in the kitchen” is much more useful in the middle of the night. Integrating these systems into a smart home system can then bring on lights to highlight exit routes.

6 – Access Control – Handing keys out to contractors and staff involves huge levels of trust. With a smart home you can allow access to key individuals one time or at preset times. You can even be alerted and view the visitor on your phone before allowing access. Delivery drivers and couriers can be screened at your gates before being allowed access to the grounds to leave items in your safe place.

7 – Energy Management – Smart Metres are becoming more common with clients analysing their usage to see which elements of their life are using the most energy on a day to day basis. A smart home system enables you to see at a glance where energy is being used – which lights are on, which rooms have high heating set points etc. We even centralise audio video sources to ensure power hungry devices are only on when you need them and not wasting vast amounts of energy in stand by.

8  – Audio Video – Although there are many benefits to smart home’s audio video integration is one of the best – enjoy any media source in any room of the house. With our systems it is easy to enjoy the radio in the mornings whilst showering, stream Spotify playlists whilst cooking, even catch up on recorded TV whilst relaxing in the bath!


Smart home technology should be reliable and seamless – integrating and enhancing your day to day life without drama. Utilising the above technologies can not only save huge amounts of energy but really increase convenience too – changing the way you enjoy your home whilst ensuring the perfect environment to live your life, as you can see the benefits of a smart home system can be huge!


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